Making Christ Known

February Newsletter

We thank God for his help, provision, and direction these past few months! He always knows what we need beforewe do! Since our last prayer letter, we have been very busy as far as ministry is concerned. When we looked at our calendar after Thanksgiving, we really didn’t have much going on, but God […]

Time Flies!

2013 is over? It seems like yesterday we were all wondering what would happen with Y2K. Time flies! In just a few weeks I will move up into the 30 year old category. I should still be a sophomore in college, but instead I am a real adult with real […]

Merry Christmas!

As we approach the Christmas season one thing that seems to bother most Christians is the phrase “Happy Holidays”. We wonder why the world refuses to say “Christ”. We look at that as the worst form of blasphemy around. Preachers will preach about it from the pulpits from the first […]

July-October Update

 Praise God for His grace and mercy through the last few months! He once again has shown Himself mighty by providing for our family and allowing us to minister to many lost around world. We want to thank you for being faithful to support and pray for our family! Our […]

Why We Do What We Do

Recently, I have realized how much time I spend trying to explain what it is that we do. Sometimes I wonder if I am just wasting my time as I explain about how GPA Youth Missions is involved in evangelism and discipleship through short term mission trips. Many people don’t […]