This is what some of the team members and host missionaries say about their GPAYM experience.

Meghan Knight-Wales 2004

GPA Youth Missions changed my life. Going to Wales opened my eyes to the spiritual needs of those in other countires. I saw such a need and was so burdened for the people of Wales, especially the children. Over four years later, I still pray for 4 specific boys that I met while in Wales. Being involved in daily activities with missionaries on the field helped me to be able to pray more specifically for both the missionaries and the people. Not a day goes by when I do not see the faces of those children I came in contact with. My GPA Youth Missions trip changed my life in so many ways.

Russ White-Grenada 2013

It was such a blessing to have the opportunity to work with GPAYM. Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the duty of all Christians and the folks at GPAYM certainly do their part. I went with them to the island of Grenada. While there we went door to door sharing the Gospel of Christ with locals. Also, held a VBS at a local church , as well as services at night. 9 souls were saved in that time there. I hope I’m blessed enough to be able to take part in another mission trip with GPAYM.

Chris Bluto-Missionary to Wales

The Gospel Preacher Association Youth Missions made a number of
missions visits to Wales. Keith & Roberta Johnson and their teams
were always a great help and a tremendous encouragement to the
missionaries serving in Wales.

• They Conducted Holiday Bible Clubs
• They participated in Street Ministries
• They always helped with literature and tract distributions
• They performed special concerts at the school assemblies
• With Puppets
• With Rope tricks
• With The Word of God always being presented

GPA Special Meetings were conducted to Encourage Christians
• Evangelistic Meetings – always brought applicable and pertinent messages
• Brought Special Visitors throughout the years to be a part of the Youth Missions

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